Solving Large Scale Systems Of Linear Equations with A Stabilized Lanczos-Type Algorithms Running On A Cloud Computing Platform
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On the use of imputation methods for missing data in estimation of population mean under two-phase sampling design
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Comparison of Improved Class of Priors for the Analysis of the Burr Type VII Model under Doubly Censored Samples
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Slice sampler algorithm for generalized Pareto distribution
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Estimation of Reliability in a Multicomponent Stress- Strength Model Based on Generalized Linear Failure Rate Distribution
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New Approaches for Choosing the Ridge Parameters
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Fuzzy Parameters Estimation via Hybrid Methods
Sedigheh Danesh
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On Soft Topological Categories
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The Multiplicity of Positive Solutions for Systems of Fractional Boundary Value Problems
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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Initial Value Problems - An Application
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Zariski Subspace Topologies On Ideals
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Bornological quasi-metrizability in generalized topology
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On ramification structures for finite nilpotent groups
Şükran Gül
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Super (a; d)-star-antimagic graphs
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Investigation of an impulsive Sturm-Liouville operator on semi axis
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MS-intervals of an MS-algebra
Abd El-Mohsen Badawy, Mohamad Atallah
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An Efficient Numerical Method For Solving Nonlinear Astrophysics Equations of Arbitrary Order
Mehdi Delkhosh, Kourosh Parand
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Existence and multiplicity of weak solutions for gradient-type systems wıth oscillatory nonlinearities on the sierpinski gasket
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On Divided and Regular Divided Rings
Chahrazade Bakkari
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Rings for which Every Cosingular Module is Projective
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Quantale-valued uniform convergence towers for quantale-valued metric spaces
Gunther Jager
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Proximately chain re finable functions
Abdulla Buklla, Gjorgji Markoski
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On the locally socle of C(X) whose local cozeroset is cocountable (co finite)
S. Soltanpour
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A Fitted Approximate Method for a Volterra Delay-Integro-Differential Equation with Initial Layer
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Common fi xed point theorems for weak contractive conditions in metric spaces
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Group-2-gruopoids and 2g-crossed modules
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On generalized Mathieu series and its companions
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Approximation by p-Faber -Laurent rational functions in doubly-connected domain
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Generalizations of 2-absorbing and 2-absorbing Primary Submodules
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Ulam stability results for the solutions of nonlinear implicit fractional order differential equations
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Some Ordered Function Space Topologies and Ordered Semi-Uniformizability
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Reducible good representations of semisimple Lie algebras Ar and Br Part I
Rıdvan Güner
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Generalized SIP-Modules
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Isometry Classes of Planes in (R3,d_infinity)
Mehmet Kılıç
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Some Special Differential Subordinations
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On k-circulant matrices involving geometric sequence
Bijana Radicic
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Trigonometrically-fitted Higher Order Two Derivative Runge-Kutta Method for Solving Orbital and Related Periodical IVPs
N. A. Ahmad, N. Senu, F. Ismail
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Resultants of Quaternion Polynomials
Xiangui Zhao, Yang Zhang
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Simple continuous modules
Yongduo Wang
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On locally phi-semisymmetric Sasakian manifolds
Absos Ali Shaikh
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Representation for the reproducing kernel Hilbert space method for a nonlinear system
Esra Karatas Akgül, Ali Akgül, Yasir Khan, Dumitru Baleanu
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Numerical simulation of unsteady mixed convection of nanofluid in a lid-driven square cavity
Nagehan Alsoy-Akgün
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Generalized Lucas Numbers of the form x2
Refik Keskin
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Soft Topology in Ideal Topological Spaces
Ahmad Al-Omari
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Super-biderivations and Linear Super-commuting Maps on the N=2 Superconformal Algebra
Xiao Cheng, Jiancai Sun
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Reiteration of a limiting real interpolation method with broken iterated logarithmic functions
Irshaad Ahmed, Fakhra Umar
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Further remarks on liftings of crossed modules
Tunçar Şahan
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Constructions of helicoidal surfaces by using curvature functions in isotropic space
Dae Won Yoon, Jae Won Lee, Chul Woo Lee
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Some generalized numerical radius inequalities involving Kwong functions
Mojtaba Bakherad
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A Link between Topology and Soft Topology
M. Kiruthika, P. Thangavelu
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A note on weak almost limited operators
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Bihom-Nijienhuis operators and T*-extensions of Bihom-Lie superalgebras
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L-paracompactness and L2-paracompactness
Lutfi Kalantan
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Multiplication Operators between Mixed Norm Lebesgue Spaces
Hector Camilo Chaparro
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Dual neighborhood systems and Polars in locally convex cones
Somayyeh Jafarizad, Asghar Ranjbari
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An inequality for warped product submanifolds of a locally product Riemannian manifold
Falleh R. Al-Solamy, Siraj Uddin
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On h-Fibrations
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On Graded 2-Absorbing and Graded Weakly 2-Absorbing Ideals
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On topological properties of hexagonal and silicate networks
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Analytic approximation of the transition density function under a multi-scale volatility model
Yong-Ki Ma
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On a class of inverse problems for a heat equation with involution perturbation
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Semiparallel Submanifolds of a Normal Paracontact Metric Manifold
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On Some Structures of Binary Soft Topological Spaces
Sabir Hussain
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n-Hopfian and n-co-Hopfian Groups
Andrey Chekhlov, Peter Danchev
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ST2, delta-T2, ST3, delta-T3, Tychono, compact and lambda-connected objects in the category of proximity spaces
Muammer Kula
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Characterizing local rings via complete intersection homological dimensions
F. Mohammadi Aghjeh Mashhad
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Pullback Crossed Modules in the Category of Racks
Kadir Emir, Hatice Gülsün Akay
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On generalized autocommutativity degree of finite groups
Parama Dutta, Rajat Kanti Nath
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Divisor Function and Bounds in Domains with Enough Primes
Haydar Göral
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Kantorovich-Stancu type operators including Boas-Buck type polynomials
Bayram Çekim, Rabia Aktaş, Gürhan İçöz
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Solutions of Some Diophantine Equations in Terms of Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers
Bahar Demirtürk Bitim, Refik Keskin
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On generalized weakly symmetric (LCS)n-manifolds
Kanak Kanti Baishya
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On Global universality for zeros of random polynomials
Turgay Bayraktar
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A few remarks on boundedness in topological modules and topological groups
Omid Zabeti
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Projective Coordinate Spaces over Modules
Fatma Özen Erdoğan, Attila Akpınar
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Improved oscillation results for second-order half-linear delay differential equations
George E. Chatzarakis, Irena Jadlovsk
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Hom-coalgebra cleft extensions and Braided tensor Hom-categories of Hom-entwining Structures
Chen Quanguo, Wang Dingguo
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A note on distributivity of the lattice of L-ideals of a ring
D. Bayrak, S. Yamak
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Ulam-Hyers-Stability for Nonlinear Fractional Neutral Differential Equations
Azmat Ullah Khan Niazi, Jiang Wei, Mujeeb Ur Rehman, Du Jun
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A Related Fixed Point Theorem for F-Contractions on Two Metric Spaces
Murat Olgun, Özge Biçer, Tuğçe Alyıldız, İshak Altun
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On QF rings and artinian principal ideal rings
Alejandro Alvarado-Garcia, Cesar Cejudo-Castilla, Hugo Alberto Rincon-Mejia, Ivan Fernando Vilchis-Montalvo, Manuel Gerardo Zorrilla-Noriega
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Caristi type fixed point theorems in fuzzy metric spaces
Hakan Karayılan, Mustafa Telci
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Lyapunov-type inequalities for third order linear differential equations with two points boundary conditions
Mustafa Fahri Aktaş, Devrim Çakmak
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Composition in EL-hyperstructures
Michal Novak, Irina Cristea
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An improved cosine similarity measure for intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their applications to decision-making process
Harish Garg
Doi: 10.15672/HJMS.2017.510

Convergence of SP-iteration for generalized nonexpansive mapping in Hadamard spaces
Izhar Uddin, Mohammad Imdad
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Comparison of some set open and uniform topologies and some properties of the restriction map
Lamia Harkat, Abderrahmane Bouchair, Smail Kelaiaia
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Conformal slant submersions
Mehmet Akif Akyol, Bayram Şahin
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A note on the stability of a neural field model
Berrak Özgür, Ali Demir, Sertaç Erman
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Existence results for nonlinear boundary value problems with m-point integral boundary condition
Tugba Senlik Cerdik, Nuket Aykut Hamal
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On computation of some distance-based topological indices of circulant networks
Faisal Ali, Abdul Hafeez, Muhammad Salman, Shuliang Huang
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On the weak solutions and determining modes of the g-Benard Problem
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Numerical solution and stability analysis of a nonlinear vaccination model with historical Effects
Davood Rostamy, Ehsan Mottaghi
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On Generalized Open Sets
Sabir Hussain
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Lyapunov-type inequality for a Riemann-Liouville fractional differential boundary value problem
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Distinguishability of a source function in a time fractional inhomogeneous parabolic equation with Robin boundary condition
Ebru Ozbilge, Ali Demir
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Rafail Alizade, Serpil Gungor
Doi: 10.15672/HJMS.20154413844

Hacettepe University
Faculty of Science
06800 Beytepe Ankara